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Lake Erie and Lake Saint Claire

Lake Erie is the southernmost Great Lake, located on both Canadian and USA territory, and measures about 26,000 km2. It was formed during the last glacial retreat about 4,000 years ago and has its main outlet through the Niagara Falls into Lake Ontario.

Due to its relatively small water volume, it experiences the Great Lakes' largest annual temperature amplitude. During summer, water temperatures reach 21° – 24°C, while during winter it has the largest ice coverage of all Great Lakes.

This 100 m Proba-V image of 05 January 2018 shows Lake Erie's western part, largely covered by ice sheets and the snow-covered surrounding land. Lake Erie is connected with and replenished by Lake Saint Claire, which is visible in the upper part of the image.

Detroit city, well-known for its large car manufacturing and musical legacy, is located at the southwestern shore of Lake Saint Claire.

Lake Erie

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