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3rd ERS Symposium - Space at the service of our Environment

14 March 1997 - 21 March 1997

The ESA Directorate for Observation of the Earth and its Environment held the 3rd ERS Symposium. This event, following similar ones in Cannes in 1992 and Hamburg in 1993, marked a milestone in the evolution of ERS data exploitation. The large number of attendees (some 700) from 35 countries representing the full range of earth observation data users from scientific, operational, institutional and commercial entities, demonstrated the world-wide interest in ERS data. The excellent atmosphere of the Conference was proof of the well established cooperation between all user groups and the Agency.

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Fringe 96 Workshop

30 September 1996 - 2 October 1996

The European Space Agency organised an ESA International Workshop on ERS SAR Interferometry and its first Workshop on ASAR interferometry: ADVANCES in SAR interferometry from ERS and ENVISAT missions at ESA ESRIN Frascati Italy

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2nd ERS Applications Workshop 1995

6 December 1995 - 8 December 1995

Following the ERS Symposia in Cannes and Hamburg and the Pilot Project Applications Workshop in Toledo, the 2nd ERS Applications Workshop was hosted in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. The focus of the workshop accounts for the increasing number of pilot and pre-operational applications, which have evolved from originally scientific projects. The contributions to this workshop were therefore tailored to the presentation of application results, rather than the description of methodology.

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First ERS-1 Symposium - Space at the Service of our Environment

4 November 1992 - 6 November 1992

ERS-1 is a multi-disciplinary mission which is making a substantial contribution to the scientific study and understanding of our environment. ERS-1 makes measurements of many parameters not covered by existing satellite systems, including those of sea state, sea surface winds, ocean circulation and sea and ice levels. It also provides all-weather imaging of ocean, ice and land. These capabilities find a variety of operational and research applications. This collection has been put together using the outline found in the Proceedings of the First ERS-1 Symposium, Space at the Service of our Environment, Cannes, France, 4 - 6 November 1992. The collection is meant to contain ERS-1 specific data application information. Data application information for other missions can be found in the EO Application collection.

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