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Third Chris Proba Workshop 2005

21 March 2005 - 23 March 2005

The CHRIS/Proba workshop represented a major opportunity for the user community to present scientific results obtained using CHRIS data for atmospheric, land and coastal studies. Contributions that discuss the performance of the satellite and the quality of its data products were also welcomed. The workshop was organised around a single stream of plenary sessions with oral presentations.

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CryoSat 2005

8 March 2005 - 10 March 2005

CryoSat, the first of the ESA 'Earth Explorer' missions, designed to study Earth's land and marine ice fields, is approaching its launch in 2005. CryoSat data support cryospheric applications but also oceanography, geodesy, and land hydrology. ESA organised the first CryoSat User Workshop, which aimed to provide scientists with a detailed understanding of the mission and a view of validation activities planned from 2005 to 2007 by ESA and national agencies. The workshop was held in Frascati, Italy, from 8-10 March 2005.

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Polinsar 2005

17 January 2005 - 21 January 2005

Following the first PolinSAR workshop in January 2003 which brought together over 70 scientists and researchers in the fields of synthetic aperture radar polarimetry and polarimetric interferometry, the European Space Agency hosted the Second International Workshop on Applications of Polarimetry and Polarimetric interferometry in Frascati, Italy, from 17-21 January 2005.

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The 5th SMOS Science Workshop

29 November 2004 - 1 December 2004

The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission is ESA's 2nd Earth Explorer Opportunity mission. It is an ESA led mission with contributions from the French Space Agency and the Spanish CDTI. The SMOS Project is currently in phase CD for a launch in February 2007. After four successful SMOS science workshops since 1999 and a joint Aquarius SMOS Hydros workshop held earlier this year, it is necessary to start addressing key points so as to proceed through SMOS phase C/D and prepare phase E. For this purpose, a science workshop was organised at the ESA ESRIN. This workshop focused on the calibration validation plan and scientific aspects of the ground segment, especially in view of the SMOS project and the synergisms with the US Missions.

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IVOS Workshop 2005 - Inter-Comparison of Large Scale Optical and Infrared Sensors

12 October 2004 - 14 October 2004

ESA and the IVOS Group organised a three-day 'Workshop on the Inter-Comparison of Large-Scale Optical Sensors'. The workshop took place on 12-14 October and proved to be a significant first step towards a global coordinated effort to achieve a common basis for the combination of optical satellite information from different sources.

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Envisat & ERS Symposium

6 September 2004 - 10 September 2004

This symposium brought together scientists who have worked with a special trio of satellites. ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat have made a distinct contribution to our understanding of the Earth. Scientists have seized the opportunity offered by these missions and many landmark scientific papers have been the result.

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CEOS SAR Workshop 2004

27 May 2004 - 28 May 2004

In the framework of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Calibration and Valida-tion, a SAR Workshop was held at the Edwin-Scharff-Haus, Ulm, Germany from 27-28 May 2004 coinciding in part with and providing an extension to the EUSAR 2004 conference.

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Second Workshop on the Atmospheric Chemistry Validation of ENVISAT

3 May 2004 - 7 May 2004

Following the recommendations given at the Envisat Validation Workshop and responding to the need for the subgroups of the ACVT to have a meeting to discuss the results of the correlative data acquisitions and analysis and to derive the current status of the operational atmospheric chemistry products including refining the error bars, the (second) workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry Validation of Envisat (ACVE-2) has been held in May 2004. These meetings are primarily intended for the participants of the ENVISAT Atmospheric Chemistry Validation Programme.

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