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goce crosswind data

Thermospheric density and crosswind data products derived from GOCE data are made available through this website.

Data products are the output of the GOCE+: Air density and wind retrieval using GOCE data project, funded by ESA through the Support To Science Element (STSE) of ESA's Earth Observation Envelope Program, supporting the Science applications of ESA's Living Planet program.

The Program has been carried out by a partnership of TU Delft (NL), CNES (FR) and Hypersonic Technology Göttingen, (DE).

Data available

Density and Crosswind data can be viewed as monthly gridded data or downloaded as monthly data files from the GOCE Virtual Archive, via the GOCE Data Access web page.

Currently, data is available for November 2009 until May 2012. Further data, until the end of operations of the GOCE science instruments, will be made available here during the second half of 2013, and into early 2014.

Date Change Reason
31/07/2014 - Time series data v1.4, covering the whole mission
- Gridded data, now including error estimates
- Updated data set user manual; Updated validation report; Updated ATBD
Full GOCE dataset available
28/09/2013 Version 1.3 density/winds timeseries and gridded data released. User Manual updated to v1.3 Bug fix and other changes. See full change history in the User Manual
04/09/2013 Version 1.2 density/winds timeseries and gridded data released, with User Manual First public data release of thermospheric density/winds data



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