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4th CHRIS Proba Workshop

19 September 2006 - 21 September 2006

The objective for CHRIS is to provide Earth surface reflectance data in the visible/near infrared, at high spatial and spectral resolution, for scientific studies. The instrument uses the PROBA pointing capabilities to obtain reflectance measurements with a wide range of different viewing configurations, and provide Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) data for selected test sites on the Earth's surface. Attendance to the workshop is open to all parties interested in the CHRIS/PROBA achievements. However it is imperative that all principal investigators having received CHRIS data present the results from their analysis of 2002-2006 acquisitions. This facilitates a proper assessment of the achievements of the CHRIS/PROBA Earth observation programme. Principal investigators unable to attend should arrange to have their presentations on results obtained made by a representative.