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Version 4.2.8

New features

  • Redesigned Local Inventory
  • Interferometric thumbnail and browse images now available
  • Easily add/delete a local collection with a right-click
  • Improved shopCart function
  • support for several order services
  • improved precision on scene selection
  • improved projection of quicklooks on the map
  • Experimental 3D map module (requires Java 3D)
  • On line data access support for some products
  • Improved Map layer management and new GIS workspace
  • user customised footprint colours via the preference panel
  • support for variable look angle sensors (forthcoming ALOS)
  • new memory usage gauge bar
  • new map zoom out button
  • Many other small enhancements.

Known Issues

  • The UserSet and ShopCart created with EoliSA v3.3 are not compatible with EoliSA v4.2.8: Items will be visible in v4.2.8 but cannot be ordered (quicklooks and detailed information are also missing). 
  • Users should delete all old items from these sets and add new ones from the catalogue workspace.