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Africa MERIS Full Resolution data now available through the MERIS NRT service

07 April 2010

ESA is further expanding the Near Real Time (NRT) Envisat dataset available free of charge on Internet with the extension of the MERIS Full Resolution (FR) data systematic processing to cover Africa.

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Planning Activities


Plots of the planned ERS-2 SAR acquisitions for the coming week are available here.

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
12-Apr-2010 42433 ASA_WSM_VV
16-Apr-2010 42497 ASA_WSM_VV
19-Apr-2010 42540 ASA_WSM_VV
22-Apr-2010 42583 ASA_WSM_VV
25-Apr-2010 42619 ASA_WSM_VV
25-Apr-2010 42626 ASA_WSM_VV
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Bay of Naples

This Envisat Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) composite image shows the Bay of Naples off the west coast of Italy. This image was created by combining three Envisat ASAR acquisitions taken over the same area. The colours in the image result from variations on the surface that occurred between acquisitions.

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ESA Living Planet Symposium 2010

28 June 2010 - 2 July 2010

The 2010 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium follows the previous successful ENVISAT Symposia in Montreux (2007), Salzburg (2004), Gothenburg (2000), Florence (1997), Hamburg (1993) and Cannes (1992). The Symposium will provide an opportunity to present results from missions in exploitation (ERS-2, ENVISAT, GOCE, SMOS, CRYOSAT, Third Party Missions) and to introduce future ESA missions (GMES Sentinels, Earth Explorers, meteorological missions) and national EO missions.