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New ERS-2 GOME Radiance Correction files

19 February 2010

New GOME radiance correction files, corresponding to updated degradation parameters have become available on the updated DLR GOME web site.

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Planning Activities


Plots of the planned ERS-2 SAR acquisitions for the coming week are available here.
Planning over the Madeira Floods and Landslides

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
24-Feb-2010 41760 MERIS_FR
26-Feb-2010 41789 MERIS_FR
23-Feb-2010 41753 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
27-Feb-2010 41803 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
Planning over the French coast Oil Spill

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
26-Feb-2010 41788 MERIS_FR
01-Mar-2010 41831 MERIS_FR
02-Mar-2010 41845 MERIS_FR
27-Feb-2010 41802 ASA_WS_VV
02-Mar-2010 41845 ASA_WS_VV
26-Feb-2010 41795 ASA_IM_IS6_VV
Planning over the Llaima Volcano (Chile)

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
27-Feb-2010 41798 ASA_IM_IS6_VV
09-Mar-2010 41941 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
Planning over the Tungurahua Volcano (Ecuador)

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
28-Feb-2010 41812 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
05-Mar-2010 41891 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
Planning over the Nyragongo Volcano (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
03-Mar-2010 41858 ASA_IM_IS6_VV
Planning over the Peru Flood

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
27-Feb-2010 41805 ASA_WS_VV

Satellite: ENVISAT
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
24-Feb-2010 41762 ASA_IM_IS6_VV
01-Mar-2010 41827 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
02-Mar-2010 41848 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
04-Mar-2010 41991 ASA_IM_IS6_VV
12-Mar-2010 42013 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
14-Mar-2010 42077 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
Minimize Instrument Unavailability

Due to an onboard anomaly the following instrument unavailability period has been recorded:

  • GOMOS from 20-Feb-2010 17:20:21
    to 22-Feb-2010 11:37:01 UTC

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Web Content Image

Kuwaiti islands

This Envisat image features the Kuwait islands of Warbah and Bubiyan, located at the head of the Persian Gulf. The image was created by combining three Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) acquisitions (22 August 2009, 26 September 2009 and 31 October 2009) taken over the same area. The colours in the image result from variations in the surface that occurred between acquisitions.

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ESA Living Planet Symposium 2010

28 June 2010 - 2 July 2010

The 2010 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium follows the previous successful ENVISAT Symposia in Montreux (2007), Salzburg (2004), Gothenburg (2000), Florence (1997), Hamburg (1993) and Cannes (1992). The Symposium will provide an opportunity to present results from missions in exploitation (ERS-2, ENVISAT, GOCE, SMOS, CRYOSAT, Third Party Missions) and to introduce future ESA missions (GMES Sentinels, Earth Explorers, meteorological missions) and national EO missions.

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5th ESA EO Summer School

2 August 2010 - 13 August 2010