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CryoSat Geographical Mode Mask (3.2) available

20 April 2011

New CryoSat Geographical Mode Mask 3.2 is available, replacing Mode Mask 3.1.

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ESA-NASA collaboration furthers sea-ice research

21 April 2011

A carefully executed operation to validate data from CryoSat has shown what can be accomplished when ESA, NASA and others join forces.

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ERS-2 16 year anniversary of launch

21 April 2011

ERS-2 mission was launched on 21 April, 1995, and has been observing land, ocean, polar regions and atmosphere with a variety of instruments.

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Extension of ESA/JAXA agreement for ALOS data distribution

22 April 2011

The ESA/JAXA agreement regarding distribution of ALOS data has been further extended until 31 October 2011.

ALOS - Power Generation Anomaly

22 April 2011

Since 7:30 am (JST), 22 April 2011, the ALOS satellite is affected by a power generation anomaly that inhibits nominal operations.

GOSAT - release of new algorithm version product

20 April 2011

Jaxa will start delivering the GOSAT L1b FTS products with a new processor version starting from 20 April 2011.

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Planning activities


Plots of the planned ERS-2 SAR acquisitions for the coming week are available.

Earth Watching activities

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Dust and plankton, Sahara Desert, Africa

Envisat captures dust and sand from the Algerian Sahara Desert, located in northern Africa, blowing west across the Atlantic Ocean last week.

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Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing 2011

12 September 2011 - 16 September 2011

The European Space Agency is organising a series of advanced thematic training courses devoted to train the next generation of EO PIs to exploit data from ESA and Third Party EO Missions for science and applications development.

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Fringe 2011 Workshop - Advances in the Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry

19 September 2011 - 23 September 2011

The European Space Agency is organising Fringe 2011, its 8th International Workshop on "Advances in the Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry", which will be hosted in ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, between 19 - 23 September 2011. The series of workshops started in 1992 and are currently organised by ESA every two years.

Registration opened: 15 July 2011

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Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science

29 November 2011 - 2 December 2011

This joint ESA-SOLAS-EGU conference aims at bringing together the EO and SOLAS communities, as well as scientific institutions and space agencies involved in the observation, characterisation and forecasting of ocean-atmosphere interactions and their impacts.

Paper submission deadline and Symposium: 29 November - 02 December 2011

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RSS (Research and Service Support) - All ASAR products since 2005 at your fingertips

18 April 2011

Following increased request of past ASAR products - far beyond their availability at the rolling archives, ESA is making available the ASAR data accumulated over years at our Grid stores.