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Earth Science Data Long Term Preservation Survey

There are still some days to go to take part in the Earth Science Data Long Term Preservation Survey by filling in a short questionnaire .

Deadline for submission is Wednesday 27 May!
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Modification to Envisat ASAR AP Swaths

20 May 2009

Users of Envisat ASAR Alternating Polarisation mode data should be aware that from Monday 25th May 2009, the swath characteristics for swaths IS2 to IS7 are being changed. The main consequence of these changes is a reduction in the swath width.

Special InSAR Campaign Antarctica and Greenland

14 May 2009

From 18 May 2009 and during two consecutive cycles, Envisat will conduct an acquisition campaign aiming at generating two Antarctica and Greenland coverages suitable for interferometric applications.
This campaign is done as special contribution of Envisat to scientific data requirements in the framework of the International Polar Year. It will provide scientists a key dataset to understand changes in glacier speed.

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ERS-2 GOME: Announcement for Release 4.01 of GOME Data Processor (GDP)

19 May 2009

Starting from orbit 73131 (16 April 2009), the ERS-2 GOME level-1 off-line data products are being generated with the new GDP processor version 4.01. The switch to the GDP processor version 4.01 on the GOME Near Real Time (NRT) processing chain applies to all ERS-2 GOME NRT products generated as from orbit 73532 (14 May 2009).

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Access here the plots of the planned ERS-2 SAR acquisitions for the coming week.

Planning over the Afghanistan flood of 19 May 2009
Satellite: Envisat
Instrument: ASAR
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
21-May-2009 37763 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
24-May-2009 37806 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
26-May-2009 37842 ASA_IM_IS6_VV

Planning over the Tajikistan Landslide of 10 May 2009
Satellite: Envisat
Instrument: ASAR
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
17-May-2009 37713 ASA_IM_IS4_VV
18-May-2009 37720 ASA_IM_IS3_VV
Minimize Instrument unavailability

Due to an on-board anomaly the following instrument unavailability period has been recorded:

" RA from 12-May-2009 03:28:28 to 14-May-2009 09:40:00 UTC

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Web Content Image

Hawaii's volcanic islands, USA

This Envisat image, which features six of Hawaii's eight major volcanic islands, was created by combining three Envisat ASAR acquisitions (27 March 2006, 16 April 2007 and 21 January 2008) taken over the same area.

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2nd Advanced Training Course on Ocean Remote Sensing

Bergen, Norway, 28 September - 2 October 2009

The European Space Agency is organising a series of regular advanced thematic training courses devoted to the exploitation of Earth Observation data from ESA and Third Party Mission instruments for ocean, land and atmosphere applications.