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17 June 2009

Due to Sentinel-3 validation activities, specific MERIS instrument programming will take place from 25 June to 8 July 2009.

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Malindi (ML), Kenya - Acquisition Campaign

18 June 2009

An ERS-2 SAR acquisition campaign for the Malindi (ML) station in Kenya has been planned for the period 12 June - 17 July 2009.

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Five new free of charge services from Service Provider MEEO

16 June 2009

Thanks to a new version of the SOIL MAPPER® spectral classification system MEEO has just released five new services available free of charge until the 30 June 2010 on the SSE Portal.

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Planning Activities


Access here the plots of the planned ERS-2 SAR acquisitions for the coming week.

Satellite: Envisat
Instrument: ASAR
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
01-Jul-2009 38351 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
06-Jul-2009 38430 ASA_IM_IS2_VV
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Due to an onboard anomaly the following instrument unavailability periods have been registered:

  • ASAR from 14-Jun-2009 13:21:40 to 16-Jun-2009 16:08:53 UTC
  • SCIA from 15-Jun-2009 22:20:42 to 17-Jun-2009 12:10:55 UTC

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This Envisat mosaic showcases a united Europe from space and it was produced using images acquired during July 2007 by Envisats Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) instrument.

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Atmospheric Science Conference

7 September 2009 - 11 September 2009

The European Space Agency is organising a Scientific Conference on the topical theme atmosphere to provide scientists and data users with the opportunity to present first-hand and up-to-date results from their ongoing research activities on the atmospheric payload of the satellites ERS-2 and ENVISAT as well as ESA Third Party Missions on board the EOS-AURA, ACE, Odin and GOSAT satellites.
Deadline for registration is 26 June 2009

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NEST (Next ESA SAR Toolbox) release 4A - 1.6 available

The Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) is a toolbox for reading, post-processing, analysing and visualising data of ESA SAR missions and Third Party missions starting from Level 1 data. Distributed as fully open source, NEST easily allows users the development of new readers and post-processors for SAR data by means of an Application Programming Interface (API).

The new version NEST 4A - 1.6 is now released.

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BEAM version 4.7.1 released

BEAM is an open-source toolbox and development platform for viewing, analysing and processing remote sensing raster data. Release 4.7.1 is now available - with new features such as the new layer and session management - along with a redesigned BEAM website including a new BEAM user forum.