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PDHS-K (KIRUNA) NRT operations

9 December 2008

Following the anomaly impacting the Envisat Near Real Time (NRT) services during the last weekend, the NRT operations were resumed in the evening 8 December 2008.
Data recovery is still ongoing and will be completed as soon as possible.

MERIS Spectral Calibration Campaign

9 December 2008

Due to a MERIS Spectral Calibration Campaign, orbits 35488 to 35490 (inclusive) of 13 December 2008, will require specific instrument programming preventing nominal data processing. As a consequence, the corresponding products will be unavailable.

New AATSR L2P product available (UPA-L2P-ATS_NR_2P)

11 December 2008

The L2P product contains dual-view Sea Surface Temperature (SST) values, equivalent to the valid SST dual-view field in the Gridded Surface Temperature (ATS_NR__2P) products. Additional datasets are provided containing the dual-nadir difference, and other auxiliary information. Currently only Near Real Time (NRT) data is available, while generation of consolidated data from the archive is foreseen but not yet operational.

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Access here the plots of the planned ERS-2 SAR acquisitions for the coming week.
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Ellesmere Island and Greenland

This Envisat radar image features the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island (left) in the Canadian Arctic and northwestern Greenland (right) – the world’s largest island.

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NEST (Next ESA SAR Toolbox) first release v.1-C now available

NEST is a completely new ESA toolbox with an integrated viewer for reading, calibration, post-processing and analysis of ESA and 3rd party SAR data starting from Level 1. Distributed as fully open source, NEST allows users to easily develop new readers and post-processors for SAR data by means of an Application Programming Interface (API).