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Impact of re-processed GOCE Level 1b data on gravity field products

06 June 2012

A comprehensive report on the impact of the currently on-going re-processing of the full history of GOCE Level 1b data on the gravity field solutions is now available for all users to consult.

GOCE Level 2 Product Report now available

06 June 2012

A comprehensive report on the Level 2 data products up to and including Release 3 gravity field models from GOCE is now available. Release 3 models contain 12 months of GOCE data, and were released in late autumn 2011.

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SCIAMACHY Level 2 data set version 5.02 W now available at D-PAC

05 June 2012

The full-mission re-processing campaign of SCIAMACHY consolidated Level 2 data (SCI_OL__2PW) has been completed at D-PAC adopting the latest SGP version 5.02 and is now being released to the user community.

Reorganisation of the SCIAMACHY Level 2 data set at D-PAC

05 June 2012

The SCIAMACHY Level 2 version 5.02 data set stored at D-PAC will be reorganized, upgrading the current archiving system to a new infrastructure.

MIPAS Level 2 dataset processed with ML2PP V6.0 is available at D-PAC

07 June 2012

The Level 2 re-processing of the full MIPAS mission (from 2002/07/01 up to 2012/04/08, including the Full Resolution and the Optimized Resolution mission phases) has been completed with the ESA processor ML2PP version 6.0.

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New call for proposals: CryoSat+ Cryosphere

05 June 2012

A new call for proposals named "CryoSat+ Cryosphere" under the STSE Programme, addressing innovative science and new applications to exploit novel capabilities of the CryoSat mission, has been issued.

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Taking action for GMES

06 June 2012

Representatives from the areas of economy, health, energy, agriculture, climate change, disaster management and key decision makers gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, this week to show their support for the GMES Global Monitoring for Environment and Security programme.

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Earth Watching activities

20 years of ERS/Envisat

See SAR/ASAR multitemporal images over Dubai City (United Arab Emirates)

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Africa's largest and highest

The border region of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania – with a small portion of south eastern Uganda – is pictured in this Envisat image.

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Don't miss IGARSS 2012

22 - 27 July 2012

With some 2300 participants already registered this promises to be the largest IGARSS symposium ever.


The 2012 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) is being held in Munich, Germany, on 22–27 July.


Online submission of full papers deadline: 01 June 2012

IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium - Paper submission

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SeaSAR 2012 Workshop

18 - 22 June 2012

The European Space Agency and the Norwegian Space Centre are jointly organising the fourth SAR oceanography workshop, SEASAR 2012, entitled "Advances in SAR Oceanography", which is to be hosted in Tromso, Norway, from 18 to 22 June 2012.

The workshop is open to scientists and students in the field of SAR oceanography including ESA Principle Investigators and co-investigators, to users of data from future SAR missions like Sentinel-1 and Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM) and to representatives from national, European and international space agencies and value adding industry.


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GlobTemperature - User Consultation Meeting

27 - 28 June 2012

The aim of this first GlobTemperature User Consultation Meeting which will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, is to survey users' requirements for satellite land surface temperature information.  

The other objective of this meeting is to explore the feasibility of meeting them with available data and techniques, and set a list of priority requirements to be addressed by a potential future GlobTemperature project.

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Workshop on Satellite data for storm surge modelling and forecasting

10 - 11 September 2012

Storm surges are one of the most deadly natural hazards, affecting both rich and poor countries. Satellite Earth Observation (EO) data has an important role to play in storm surge modelling and forecasting, yet it is not currently being used to its full potential. The ESA eSurge project aims to increase the uptake of EO data, both by providing easy access to relevant data and by demonstrating its usefulness.

As part of the project, a workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark, is being organised to discuss the current state of modelling and forecasting, and how this might be improved.


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OGEO - Oil and Gas Earth Observation Group Workshop

14 September 2012

The third Oil and Gas Earth Observation Group Workshop (OGEO) will be held in Perth, Australia, on 14 September 2012

The event is aimed at O&G industry professionals in Perth, focusing on Earth Observation systems, novel and advanced methods with EO data, improving business practises and adding value to existing approaches. 

The workshop is open to members within the Oil and Gas industry, service providers and researchers involved in Earth Observation and related geo-information technologies.

  • Registration deadline: 31 July 2012
  • Abstract submission deadline: 15 August 2012

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6th Coastal Altimetry Workshop

20 - 21 September 2012

The 6th Coastal Altimetry Workshop is open to the international community of scientists working on development and applications of altimetry in the coastal zone. The Workshop will be in Northern Italy, Riva del Garda.

The Workshop aims to provide a lively forum, where science and applications of coastal altimetry and data processing technologies will be reviewed.


Registration deadline: 03 August 2012

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20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry

24 - 29 September 2012

To mark the 20 year anniversary of the launch of ERS-1 and TOPEX/POSEIDON, ESA, in collaboration with the French Space Agency, CNES, organised a Symposium in Venice, Italy. This event was sponsored by other partner agencies and organisations supporting the development of altimetry.

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First International GOCE Solid Earth Workshop

16 - 17 October 2012

The First International GOCE Solid Earth Workshop will take place at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, Enschede (The Netherlands) on 16-17 October 2012 and is fully sponsored by ESA.

The goal of this 2-day workshop is to provide training on the usage of GOCE data as well as to present the latest scientific results.