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Envisat Rolling Archives available in EOLI-SA

03 March 2011

Access to the Envisat Near Real Time (NRT) data from the Rolling Archive collections in the EOLI-SA catalogue is available again.

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CORE Geographical Mode Mask

28 February 2011

Due to some critical maintenance activities planned for Week 10 (7 - 13 March) at Kiruna, CryoSat will temporarily implement the CORE geographical mode mask instead of the usual one.

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ERS-2 orbit change to 3 days repeat cycle – satellite transition period

22 February 2011

Following the news from 10 February 2011, the manoeuvres to bring ERS-2 to the three days repeat cycle started on 22 February 2011.

ERS-2 SAR NRT orders suspended

28 February 2011

ERS-2 SAR Near Real Time (NRT) order service has been suspended.

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Due to the ERS-2 orbit change to 3 days repeat cycle, the following planned instrument unavailability has been recorded:

  • AMI from 21-Feb-2011 16:49:03 to 24-Feb-2011 14:33:19 UTC

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Antarctic Peninsula

This Envisat image features the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches beyond the Antarctic Circle to within 1050 km to the southern tip of South America.

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Sentinel Scientific Products for Land, Ocean, and Cryosphere: Assessment & Consolidation Workshop

22 March 2011 - 24 March 2011

The workshop (hosted in ESRIN, Frascati, Italy) will facilitate a broad discussion on the scientific potential of Sentinel 1, 2, and 3 measurements and products which could significantly advance the scientific progress in Land Surface, Solid Earth, Ocean and Cryosphere system research.

Registration deadline: 11 March 2011

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Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing 2011

12 September 2011 - 16 September 2011

The European Space Agency is organising a series of advanced thematic training courses devoted to train the next generation of EO PIs to exploit data from ESA and Third Party EO Missions for science and applications development.

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VI Workshop Lidar Measurements in Latin America

26 September 2011 - 1 October 2011

The VI WLMLA is a bi-annual meeting, where the Latin American's lidar researchers and students join together to share knowledge with researchers worldwide.

It will be hosted by the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the Institute of Physical Research at University of San Andrés (LFA-UMSA), la Paz, Bolivia.

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Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science

29 November 2011 - 2 December 2011

This joint ESA-SOLAS-EGU conference aims at bringing together the EO and SOLAS communities, as well as scientific institutions and space agencies involved in the observation, characterisation and forecasting of ocean-atmosphere interactions and their impacts.

Paper submission deadline and Symposium: 29 November - 02 December 2011

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ENVISAT and ERS Missions Data Access Guide

The ENVISAT and ERS Missions Data Access Guide is now available both online and in hard copy from the ESA Earthnet Online User Services Library.