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Online survey on Earth Science data preservation

02 February 2012

Get involved in the SCIDIP-ES questionnaire: an online survey to define the state of the art and the future needs for Earth Science data preservation architectures and technologies. 

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AATSR Outgassing Completed

27 January 2012

AATSR has been in standby mode for outgassing purposes since 23 January at 07:28:00 UTC (see news item). This was completed on 26th January at 13:52:05 UTC and AATSR has returned to operations.

Completion of ENVISAT RA-2 Mission Reprocessing Campaign at F-PAC

31 January 2012

The full-mission reprocessing of the ENVISAT Altimetry Level 2 data set V2.1 at the F-PAC has now been completed, and data for the period 30 Sep 2002 (orbit 3061 - cycle 10) to 19 September 2010 (orbit 44643 cycle 92) are now available.

Advice on USO Correction for ENVISAT RA-2 Data

31 January 2012

The external USO (Ultra Stable Oscillator) correction files for IGDR and GDR are on the F-PAC FTP server, together with the data (as specified in USO Clock Period Measurements between 01/02/2006 and 02/02/2010)

ENVISAT RA2 GDR Data - Change to new Orbit Standard

31 January 2012

Users of ENVISAT GDR data should be aware that the precise orbit used in the processing of the GDR product will change  to a new, improved orbit standard, GDR-D, from January 21st 2011 (cycle 111).

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Kompsat-2 ordering

27 January 2012

Kompsat-2 has been confirmed as an ESA Third Party Mission (TPM) for the next 2 years.

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Special Acquisition Plan


Satellite: Envisat
Date Orbit Instrument Mode
18-Feb-2012 52155 ASA_IM_IS4_VV
19-Mar-2012 52586 ASA_IM_IS4_VV


Earth Watching activities

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The following instrument unavailability due to a planned outgassing has been recorded:

  • MIPAS from 23 Jan 2012 07:28:00 to 26 Jan 2012 13:52:05 UTC

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Sahara's End

This Envisat image shows part of central Morocco from the Atlantic Ocean to the west, over the Atlas mountains and into arid parts of Algeria further inland.

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Insurance Industry 2012

23 - 24 February 2012

The European Space Agency is hosting an industry workshop in ESA-ESRIN in Frascati, Italy on 23 - 24 February 2012. Earth Observation (EO) data and services can deliver significant benefits to the scientific, public and private sector communities and this workshop examines the potential value of this data to the insurance industry.

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Atmospheric Science Conference 2012

18 - 22 June 2012

The European Space Agency is organizing a conference on the topical theme atmosphere to provide scientists and data users with the opportunity to present first-hand and up-to-date results from their ongoing research and application development activities using data from atmospheric instruments on ERS-2, Envisat, Metop and ESA Third Party Missions.

The Conference will be held at the Oud Sint Jan congress centre in Bruges in Belgium.


Abstract Submission deadline: 03 February 2012

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SeaSAR 2012 Workshop

18 - 22 June 2012

The European Space Agency and the Norwegian Space Centre are jointly organising the fourth SAR oceanography workshop, SEASAR 2012, entitled "Advances in SAR Oceanography", which is to be hosted in Tromso, Norway, from 18 to 22 June 2012.

The workshop is open to scientists and students in the field of SAR oceanography including ESA Principle Investigators and co-investigators, to users of data from future SAR missions like Sentinel-1 and Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM) and to representatives from national, European and international space agencies and value adding industry.


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20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry

24 - 29 September 2012

To mark the 20 year anniversary of the launch of ERS-1 and TOPEX/POSEIDON, ESA, in collaboration with the French Space Agency, CNES, organised a Symposium in Venice, Italy. This event was sponsored by other partner agencies and organisations supporting the development of altimetry.

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3rd MERIS/(A)ATSR & OLCI/SLSTR Preparatory Workshop

15 - 19 October 2012

The European Space Agency, together with Eumetsat, is organising the 3rd MERIS/(A)ATSR and OCLI-SLSTR (Sentinel-3) Preparatory Workshop, which will be hosted in ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, from 15 to 19 October 2012.