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Participate in the ESA LearnEO! competition

23 September 2013

Participate in the ESA LearnEO! lesson-writing competition, bring your work to a world audience and take a chance to win up to 5,000 euros!

Find out more on the LearnEO! competition webpage.

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Overview of Earth Observation Training at ESA

ESA undertakes a wide range of activities in the field of Earth Observation education, training and capacity building. The scope of these activities ranges from high level training in state-of-the-art processing for the next generation of Principal Investigators to more general outreach activities and Earth Observation education for schools.

The aim of this website is to provide a single portal that supplies information about these activities, and enables access to resources produced in their framework.

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LearnEO! is an Earth observation education project funded by ESA. Its aim is to increase the understanding of satellite data from ESA missions and show how these can be used to tackle environmental problems in the real world.

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ESA organises a series of summer schools on "Monitoring and Modelling of the Earth System" to promote the exploitation of EO data across disciplines, with a specific focus on their assimilation into Earth System models.

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Dragon is a cooperation programme between ESA and the P.R. China. Post graduate training is a key component of the programme and advanced training courses are held in Ocean, Land and Atmospheric remote sensing.

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In addition to the programmes listed above, ESA organises other EO training events on an ad hoc basis, and produces EO training material at various levels.

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ESA has developed an EO educational website "Eduspace" that mainly targets secondary schools. In addition to this, ESA provides workshops for teachers and has funded the development of many tools for EO education.

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Nearly 100 researchers and water operators from more than 40 African countries received personalised training on the use of EO data. EO training material made available in the framework of the TIGER Initiative.

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ESA provides advanced Earth Observation training courses in land, ocean and atmospheric remote sensing. These courses are targeted to the next generation of PI's working on the scientific exploitation of ESA and Third Party Mission EO data.

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