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The monitoring of the seasonal and spatial variability of fishing grounds and support to the implementation of the international regulations (eg. vessel monitoring) are the key elements of this application.

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Satellites locate seized Italian oil tanker

02 February 2011

The Cosmo-SkyMed satellites, operated by the Italian space agency, have acquired the first images of the Italian oil tanker Savina Caylyn since...

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Global overview of maritime traffic

15 June 2010

As the ISS circles Earth, it has begun tracking individual ships crossing the seas beneath. An experiment hosted by ESA's Columbus module is testing the viability of monitoring global traffic from the Station's orbit hundreds of kilometres up.

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Space and the Arctic 2009: Ship Traffic

05 November 2009

"Only space assets in the long-term can provide the coverage necessary to achieve effective monitoring and tracking of Arctic ships".

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ESA map reveals European shipping routes like never before

04 June 2009

A synoptic view of European shipping routes can be seen for the first time thanks to a new map created using seven years of radar data from ESA's Envisat satellite.

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Pirates Are Being Watched from Space

29 December 2008

Piracy at sea evolved along with the maritime trade. But in the recent years acts of piracy became much more frequent bringing criminal groups the income comparable to budgets of some countries. The leading place in terms of robbery scope is taken by armed groups from Somalia seizing commercial vessels in the region of the Horn of Africa.

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Danish expedition ship tracked by Envisat satellite

11 August 2006

The Danish ship Vædderen is preparing to embark from Copenhagen later today on its science expedition trip, Galathea 3. As part of the "Satellite Eye for Galathea 3" project, ESA's Envisat satellite will acquire data along the ship's sailing route throughout its eight-month voyage.

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EU – DECLIMS (Detection and Classification of Maritime Traffic from Space, Report January 2006

23 January 2006

The project DECLIMS, Detection and Classification of Marine Traffic from Space, was defined in order to provide a focus for research into the...