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The monitoring of the seasonal and spatial variability of fishing grounds and support to the implementation of the international regulations (e.g. vessel monitoring) are the key elements of this application.

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Versatility extends life of water mission

18 July 2014

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SMOS is not only delivering key information on soil moisture and ocean salinity for science, but its data are also being used for a growing number of practical applications. Reflecting this versatility along with new synergistic opportunities, the mission will now remain operational until at least 2017.

ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) satellite has been in orbit around Earth for almost five years.

Going way beyond its original scientific brief of delivering critical information to understand Earth's water cycle, it continues to demonstrate its suitability for new uses.

The most recent examples from this multi-talented mission include being able to provide information to measure thin ice floating in the polar seas accurately enough for forecasting and ship routing.

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