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The production of many operational sea surface temperature products emphasise its input to meteorological forecasting models. In addition it is a key element in the understanding of major events such as La Ninã.

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SMOS on acid

17 February 2015

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With fundamental changes happening to the chemistry of the world's oceans, salinity information from ESA's SMOS mission is being used with other Earth observation data to obtain information on 'the other carbon dioxide problem' - ocean acidification.

This new step is set to advance the way ocean biologists and climatologists study the oceans.

More than a quarter of the carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere every year is soaked up by the oceans. Initially, this may appear to be a good thing, tempering global warming, but there is a downside.

As more carbon dioxide dissolves into the oceans, the more acidic the seawater becomes - with extremely damaging effects.

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