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The production of many operational sea surface temperature products emphasise its input to meteorological forecasting models. In addition it is a key element in the understanding of major events such as La Ninã.

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From petabytes to pictures

11 May 2016

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Thousands of scientists are at the Living Planet Symposium in Prague this week to present the latest findings on our changing planet. Between the mountains of data coming from multiple satellites and the high level of expertise needed to translate them into useful information, the results are not always easy to understand.

Data visualisation and graphics help to explain these complex issues and communicate results to the general public. This is especially important when the data inform matters of wide concern to society, such as climate change or ozone depletion. Society's decision-makers need this step to make the right choices to keep us and our planet safe.

Colour palettes that are intuitively understood are often used when communicating with a non- specialist audience. For example 'cold' blue to 'hot' red are used to represent sea-surface temperature.

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