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The timely prediction of a hurricane's path is essential to the reduction of human loss and damage of infrastructure and property. The continuity and timeliness provided by satellite meteorological data for modelling is crucial in this process.

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Super storm tracked by ESA water mission

09 November 2012

When millions of people are bracing themselves for the onslaught of extreme weather, as much information as possible is needed to predict the strength of the impending storm. ESA's SMOS mission again showed its versatility by capturing unique measurements of Hurricane Sandy.

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Proba-2's espresso-cup microcamera snaps Hurricane Isaac

28 August 2012

An experimental camera smaller than an espresso cup on ESA's Proba-2 microsatellite caught this view of soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac as it moved west of the Florida coast into the Gulf of Mexico on Monday.

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EUMETSAT joins the International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters'

09 July 2012

Extreme weather such as hurricanes, floods and even excessive heat or cold claims lives every year. The European body that monitors weather and climate from space has now joined international partners to help prepare for disasters.

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Tropical Cyclone Funso (Mozambique)

05 March 2012

MAPUTO, Jan 25, 2012 (From AFP) - At least 25 people have been killed as a result of two tropical cyclones that hit central and southern Mozambique over the past two weeks, government officials said on Wednesday. "Twenty five people died in the last two weeks as a result of the Cyclones 'Dando' and 'Funso, the highest number of deaths was reported in Zambezia with a total of 16 victims.

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ESA tracks powerful storm making landfall

13 February 2012

ESA's Envisat satellite has captured images of Tropical Cyclone Giovanna as the storm hit the west coast of Madagascar this morning, bringing certain devastation to the island.