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The timely prediction of a hurricane's path is essential to the reduction of human loss and damage of infrastructure and property. The continuity and timeliness provided by satellite meteorological data for modelling is crucial in this process.

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Proba-2 looks Typhoon Maysak in the eye

02 April 2015

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Typhoon Maysak churning across the Pacific Ocean, as snapped from space by an experimental ESA camera smaller than an espresso cup.

When this image was taken yesterday, Maysak was building to peak intensity, reaching Category 5 hurricane status on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale. Winds of 210 km/h had been reported swirling around its eye.

The typhoon has already devastated islands in Micronesia, but is expected to weaken into a tropical storm by the time it next makes landfall on the Philippines on Sunday.

The black and white image comes from a test camera aboard ESA's Proba-2. It gives a wider perspective than a standard Earth observation instrument, more like an astronaut's-eye view, but was taken at around double the altitude that human crews currently fly, at more than 700 km up.

Typhoon Maysak

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