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DRAGON - Progress on the Study of Land Surface Heat Fluxes and Water Cycle over the Tibetan ...

05 October 2006

As the most prominent and complicated terrain on the global, the Tibetan Plateau, with an elevation of more than 4000 m on average ...

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ATSR World Fire Atlas: Latest Publication of Hot Spots

04 October 2006

The ATSR World Fire Atlas is the first multi-year Fire Atlas ever developed. It extends from 1995 to present (ERS-2 and ENVISAT). All Hot Spots (including gas flares) with a high temperature at night are precisely located using the 3.7 micron thermal channel.

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Danish expedition ship tracked by Envisat satellite

11 August 2006

The Danish ship Vædderen is preparing to embark from Copenhagen later today on its science expedition trip, Galathea 3. As part of the "Satellite Eye for Galathea 3" project, ESA's Envisat satellite will acquire data along the ship's sailing route throughout its eight-month voyage.

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EU – DECLIMS (Detection and Classification of Maritime Traffic from Space, Report January 2006

23 January 2006

The project DECLIMS, Detection and Classification of Marine Traffic from Space, was defined in order to provide a focus for research into the...

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