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ESA App Camp brings satellite data to mobile devices

03 March 2015

Developers of apps that use satellite data to assist the agricultural industry took home the top two prizes at this year's ESA App Camp in Barcelona.

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SMOS on acid

17 February 2015

With fundamental changes happening to the chemistry of the world's oceans, salinity information from ESA's SMOS mission is being used with other Earth observation data to obtain information on 'the other carbon dioxide problem' - ocean acidification.

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36 years of radar vision

06 February 2015

ESA has recently recovered imagery from the oldest synthetic aperture radar - or SAR - in space, renewing our view of a changing Earth.

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Plant power from above

03 February 2015

Field experiments have shown how ESA's potential FLEX mission could identify vegetation that is suffering degrees of stress invisible to the naked eye.

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Mapping forest structure from space

30 January 2015

Over the last 10 years a new method using satellite radar data has been maturing to provide 3D views of Earth's natural resources and urban environments. Scientists from around the world gathered recently to share the latest advances in the exciting technique of 'POLinSAR'.

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DOMEX-3 campaign data now available for SMOS Cal/Val users

30 January 2015

The L-Band radiometric measurements and in-situ snow temperatures for the first year of acquisitions of the DOMEX-3 campaign are now available for the SMOS Cal/Val users along with the yearly campaign report.

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