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The world's wetlands form a unique environment for natural species, but due to their fragility they are evermore under pressure. The study of the environment and the change elements which affect them are the core of this application area.

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Wetland management on the radar

11 June 2015

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An ESA project focuses on exploiting satellite radar data to monitor wetlands for sustainable water management.

The Danube River Delta in Romania covers more than 4180 sq km. It plays an important role in local water supply and is a local haven of biodiversity.

As one of the Ramsar Convention's wetlands of international importance, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the delta has some 30 different types of ecosystems that function as a valuable natural buffer zone for pollutants from the Danube River. Economically, it offers agriculture and fishing, and as a unique recreational area it is attracting a growing numbers of tourists.

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