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There are an ever increasing number of applications in support of industrial development from civil engineering to oil prospecting, and in the monitoring of urban change and population mapping for planning and control purposes.

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New map offers precise snapshot of human life on Earth

18 November 2016

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A landmark global map showing nearly every human settlement on Earth is now available to researchers. Compared to previous mapping efforts, the satellite-based 'Global Urban Footprint' dataset shows not just urban centres, but also tiny rural hamlets.

The black-on-white Global Urban Footprint (GUF) map is a portrait of the human presence on Earth in 2012, to a maximum resolution of 12 m, covering even single houses.

Starting this month, the GUF 2012 dataset is freely available via ESA's online Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform (U-TEP) at full spatial resolution of 12 m for scientific use, along with an easier to handle 84 m version for any non-profit use.

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