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There are an ever increasing number of applications in support of industrial development from civil engineering to oil prospecting, and in the monitoring of urban change and population mapping for planning and control purposes.

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First radar vision for Copernicus

16 April 2014

Launched on 3 April, ESA's Sentinel-1A satellite has already delivered its first radar images of Earth. They offer a tantalising glimpse of the kind of operational imagery that this new mission will provide for Europe's ambitious Copernicus environmental monitoring programme.

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Oil and gas sector gears up for Sentinels

24 October 2013

The international body representing the oil and gas industry is promoting the use of satellite Earth observation as the industry explores new frontiers. The upcoming Sentinel suite of satellites will facilitate these new endeavours.

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Innovative vegetation monitor now up in the sky with Proba-V

07 May 2013

A newcomer has joined ESA's Earth Observation fleet with the launch of Proba-V, an innovative and new miniaturised satellite that will track vegetation on a global scale. Its data will provide researchers, educators and students with new data and images, helping us understand more about our own environment.

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World's major development banks look closer at Earth observation

30 April 2013

International development banks often invest in regions where projects can be difficult to monitor and evaluate. Earth-observing satellites are proving to be important tools for the development sector.

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Could short wavelength radar reveal new views of Earth from space?

03 October 2012

As our quest for knowledge about our planet grows, so does the need for novel technologies to offer new insight into the changing face of Earth. Researchers are excited about the potential of a new radar wavelength to image Earth from space.

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Satellites predict city hot spots

29 September 2011

Satellites are helping to forecast the location of urban areas most affected during heat waves, helping planners to...

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Smarter urban development

12 November 2009

Compiled from thousands of satellite pictures, Urban Atlas has been produced by the European Commission and Member States with the support of European space technology.

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Space radar techniques for land mapping

17 July 2009

Entrepreneurs at ESA's Business Incubation centre in the Netherlands have used radar technology from the agency's Envisat remote-sensing satellite to develop a compact, high-resolution radar that can monitor land and buildings from small aircraft.

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EOPI - Subsidence in Rome induced by urbanisation

05 May 2008

The team studied the surface displacement in the urban area of Rome (Italy) with multitemporal InSAR technique known as Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA) exploiting the SAR dataset available since 1995 up to 2005 (either ERS1-2 and Envisat data)...

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EOMD - Geoinformation from space sharpens population density maps, April 2006

06 December 2006

In response to a growing demand for sharpened census data, GeoVille Information Systems has developed 'real-world population' maps...