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The measurement of sea-surface wind vectors are operationally input to meteorological models and to shipping routing forecasts. In addition there is a growth in the request to support renewable energy projects such as wind farms.

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Investigation of polar lows by combined use of active and passive satellite remote sensing - ...

04 May 2007

Web Content Image Polar lows are fairly intense but small and short-lived cyclones which form poleward of the main baroclinic zone over high-latitude oceans. As polar lows often cause strong winds and heavy precipitation, they can pose a serious danger to ships and coastal facilities. Due to observational constraints over the open oceans and their short life times, not much is known about their phenomenology, origin and life cycle. The combined use of recent microwave radiometers, radars, altimeters, model output and collocated in-situ data should give new and improved insight into such severe mesoscale storm systems.
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