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The modelling of radiation processes are essential to our understanding of the energy cycles between the land surface and the atmosphere. In addition to which they provide an important input to the planning of solar energy programmes.

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EUMETSAT – Operational Clear Sky Radiance Products

11 October 2006

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The Clear Sky Radiances (CSR) product contains information on mean brightness temperatures and radiances from all thermal (e.g. infrared and water vapour) channels, for those regions containing no or only low-level clouds.

The CSR uses averaging segments of 16x16 pixels (about 80x80 km2 at the sub-satellite point). It contains cloud coverage information, clear sky brightness temperatures, and statistical and confidence information. The normal CSR product is encoded as BUFR and disseminated hourly, and the Rapid Scan CSR half-hourly using the middle of the three images only, i.e. imagery 00:10-00:20, 00:40-00:50 etc. Radiance products from Meteosat and other satellite data providers are monitored by ECMWF on a daily basis.

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