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The modelling of radiation processes are essential to our understanding of the energy cycles between the land surface and the atmosphere. In addition to which they provide an important input to the planning of solar energy programmes.

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DRAGON - Progress on the Study of Land Surface Heat Fluxes and Water Cycle over the Tibetan ...

05 October 2006

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As the most prominent and complicated terrain on the global, the Tibetan Plateau, with an elevation of more than 4000 m on average above mean sea leave makes up approximately one fourth of the land area of China. Due to its topographic character, the plateau surface absorbs a large amount of solar radiation energy and undergoes dramatic seasonal changes of surface heat and water fluxes. The lack of quantitative understanding of interactions between the land surface and atmosphere makes it difficult to understand the complete energy and water cycles over the Tibetan Plateau and their effects on the Asian Monsoon system by numerical models.

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