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The analysis of the properties of clouds is aimed at understanding their evolution and development. In particular this work hopes to improve rainfall prediction techniques.

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Special delivery from CryoSat

11 June 2014

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New data products from ESA's ice mission open new doors for scientists studying oceans.

Launched in 2010, the polar-orbiting CryoSat was developed to measure the changes in the thickness of polar sea ice, the elevation of the ice sheets that blanket Greenland and Antarctica, and mountain glaciers.

Going above and beyond its ice-monitoring objective, CryoSat is also a valuable source of data for the oceanographic community. The satellite's radar altimeter can measure sea-level height, waves and detect small, local phenomena in the ocean surface like eddies.

ESA has extended the CryoSat portfolio to include additional ocean products, and the datasets are now available to users for both scientific and operational applications.

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