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The analysis of the properties of clouds is aimed at understanding their evolution and development. In particular this work hopes to improve rainfall prediction techniques.

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Monitoring water quality down under

28 July 2014

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Former Copernicus Masters competition winner EOMAP has launched a new web-based application that provides daily maps of Australia’s coastal water quality.

The free app, called eoApp Australia, enables anyone with a web browser to view various water quality parameters in two important areas of Australia: Abbot Point with an adjoining section of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as Barrow Island with the nearby Ningaloo Reef.

The data products include maps of turbidity - cloudiness caused by particles in the water - and visibility. These are important parameters for monitoring sediment plumes from dredging and dumping activities, as well as land run-off.

"Anyone can access the eoApp and look at the data online," explained Karin Schenk, head of EOMAP's Water Quality Group.

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