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With the increased interest in supporting and monitoring the implementation of international treaties on the World's Climate, such as Kyoto, the work dedicated to the study of the full range of variables is extensive.

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ESA at COP22 Climate Change Summit

07 November 2016

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The COP22 climate change summit opened today in Marrakesh, Morocco. ESA is joining international partners to report on the status of space-based climate research and propose improvements to how climate data are collected and distributed.

The 22nd UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change is hosting international leaders to assess the progress in dealing with climate change.

The meeting provides an opportunity for delegates to discuss the Paris Agreement, which aims to keep global temperature increase below 2°C. The outgoing President, Ségolène Royal, announced this morning that 100 countries have signed the Paris Agreement, which came into force on 4 November.

ESA is part of a coordinated response by international space agencies to provide crucial information for mitigating climate change. Satellites collect data on a number of climate variables including greenhouse gas emissions, delivering unbiased information on the health of our planet.

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