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The International Charter: Space and Major Disasters

The Charter is an important step forward in linking the needs of disaster and relief organisations with space technology solutions to help mitigate the effects of disaster on human life, property and the environment.

Advances in Atmospheric Science and Applications

Proceedings in Advances in Atmospheric Science and Applications held in 18-22 June 2012 in Bruges, Belgium.

TIGER Initiative - Looking for water in Africa 2009-2012 report

The European Space Agency (ESA) launched the TIGER initiative in 2002, within the context of the Committee of Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS). The overall objective of the initiative is to assist African countries to overcome problems faced in the collection, analysis and use of water related geo-information by exploiting the advantages of Earth Observation (EO) technology.

BIOMASS - Report for Mission Selection - An Earth Explorer to observe forest biomass

The objective of the BIOMASS Mission is to determine the global distribution of forest biomass by reducing the uncertainty in the calculation of carbon stock and fluxes associated with the terrestrial biosphere.

PREMIER - Report for Mission Selection - An Earth Explorer to observe atmospheric composition

The objective of the PREMIER mission is to quantify the processes controlling global atmospheric composition in the mid/upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (5-25 km height range), which is a region of particular importance for climate change.

CoReH2O - Report for Mission Selection - An Earth Explorer to observe snow and ice

The objective of the CoReH2O mission is to fill the gaps in current information on snow, glaciers and surface water. CoReH2O will improve the modelling and prediction of water balance and stream-flow for snow-covered and glacierised basins, the modelling of water and energy cycles at high latitudes, and the forecasting of water supply from snow cover and glaciers, including the relation to climate change and variability.

CEOS Earth Observation Handbook 2012 - Special edition for Rio+20

The EO Handbook presents the main capabilities of satellite Earth observations, their applications, and a systematic overview of present and planned CEOS agency Earth observation satellite missions and their instruments. This edition has been prepared especially in support of the Rio+20 Summit, to assist the debates around how to address sustainable development challenges and, in particular, the information we need to define and implement well-informed environmental policies and the conventions that support them.

Access to ESA Earth Observation Data - Quick Guide

This brochure gives a quick overview on the steps to follow in data ordering, projects submission and the assistance provided by the Earth Observation Helpdesk Team.

The Earth Observation Handbook, 2010 Update - Key Tables

This is the 2010 update of the CEOS Earth Observation Handbook. You can browse the live database at or download the printable PDF of key tables based on the 2010 database contents for a handy reference.

ESA's Earth Observation Third Party Missions - Data Access Guide

The scope of this guide is to help users identify the various types of data that are available from the Third Party Missions, the applications that the data may be used for, and the procedures required for access - including registration, search, selection and retrieval of the data of interest.

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