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SPACELAB 1 - Metric Camera User Handbook and Data Catalogue

This document provides technical information on the Metric Camera aboard ESA/NASA's first Spacelab Mission which was carried into orbit by Space Shuttle in 1983.

ERS-1 Wind and Wave Calibration Workshop

The proceedings from the ERS-1 Wind and Wave Calibration Workshop, held at Schliersee, Germany, from 02-06 June 1986 are presented in this document.

Earth Observation Requirements for the Polar Orbiting Platform Elements of the International Space Station

Polar Orbit Earth Observation requirements have been considered for the Space Station era. Candidate model payload groupings (both an initial set and an evolutionary growth) have been derived assuming the availability of serviceable permanent polar platforms, e.g. a "morning" platform provided by ESA, and an 11 afternoon" one by NASA.

Thematic Applications of SAR Data

This document presents the proceedings from a workshop held at ESA/ESRIN in Frascati, Italy, from 09 to 11 September 1985 regarding the ERS mission and the SAR instrument.

Microwave Remote Sensing Applied to Vegetation - EARSeL Workshop

Proceedings of an EARSeL Workshop - Microwave remote sensing applied to vegetation - organised by Working Group 4 and held at NLR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 10-12 December 1984.

Ocean Colour Working Group

This report summarises an updated state of the art in ocean colour physics, monitoring and use, and provides a first document to comply with the Remote Sensing Programme Board, which was created to investigate the possibility of an ocean colour monitoring instrument for ERS-2.

Technical Descrption for Design of MOS-1 Ground Stations

The critical design review was completed in June 1983. Prototype model of MOS-1 is now being manufactured. Based on the results of the review, this document was revised to facilitate the design of the ground stations for acquisition and process of MOS-1 data.

SeaSat views Oceans and Sea Ice with Synthetic Aperture Radar

Fifty-one Seasat synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) images of the oceans and sea ice are presented in this document to demonstrate the variety of information contained in this unique and extensive imagery.

The SeaSat-A Synthetic Aperture Radar System

The SeaSat-A synthetic aperture radar imaging radar system (SAR) was the first imaging radar system used as a scientific instrument from Earth orbit. The system generated continuous radar imagery with a 100 km swath at a resolution of 25 m from an 800 km altitude orbit. The imagery is a pictorial representation of the radar backscatter of the Earth's surface in a map-like representation.

Format Specifications for Landsat MSS System Corrected Computer Compatible Tapes produced at Kiruna

This document describes the format specifications for the multispectral scanner sensor corrected computer compatible tapes produced at Kiruna (Sweden).

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