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Swarm Level 2 Product Specification

This document specifies the Swarm Level 2 products and auxiliary products.

Swarm Level 1b Product Definition

This document is prepared as part of the Swarm Level 1b Processor specification. It defines the contents of the Swarm Level 1b products.

Swarm PDGS Data Access User Manual

The purpose of this document is to describe the data access mechanism available for the Swarm Users.

AATSR - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document

The purpose of this FAQ is to act as a repository for common questions raised concerning the AATSR project. It includes questions raised with the AATSR Expert Support Laboratory, questions reported to the Quality Working Group or the ESA User Helpdesk, and questions of particular interest to new users.

AATSR 12 Micron Anomaly Review Board - Addendum to final report

This addendum to the AATSR 12 Micron Anomaly Review Board's report describes additional work into the investigation between ATSR-2 and AATSR brightness temperature measurements.

Feasibility study for improvement of AATSR

This document explains the study which performs comparisons between ATSR2 and AATSR BT in the 12 micronchannel at a temperature of 300K.

In-flight Scalar Calibration and Characterisation of the Swarm Magnetometry Package

The in-flight scalar calibration and characterisation of the Swarm magnetometry package, consisting of the Absolute Scalar Magnetometer (ASM), the Vector Magnetometer (VFM), and the spacecraft structure supporting the instruments is presented in this document.

Technical Note for mapping of Swarm Magnetic Field Intensity from Alpha to Charlie

This document describes the method used for mapping the magnetic field intensity measurements of the Absolute Scalar Magnetometer (ASM) on Swarm Alpha to Swarm Charlie. The background for this procedure is the failure of the ASM on Swarm Charlie which occurred on 5 November 2014 which calls for alternative means to provide magnetic field intensity reference measurements for the calibration of the Vector Field Magnetometer (VFM) instrument on Swarm Charlie.

Release notes for an extended set of Swarm Langmuir Probe data

This release note describes the extended Swarm EFI LP data from the probes in the so-called "harmonic submode" which contributes more than 99% to the normal LP science data.

SMOS ESA's Water Mission

ESA's digital magazine takes a look at SMOS ESA's Water mission.

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