Minimize Third Party Missions L-OADS online dissemination service FAQ

What is the Third Party Missions L-OADS online dissemination service?

The Third Party Missions L-OADS online dissemination system allows direct access to part of ESA's archive of Third Party Missions collections. (The full list of online Third Party Missions collections is available on the TPM online access list).

From the L-OADS, products can be discovered online from:

  • A geographical catalogue
  • A folder tree organised by track and frame
  • A filename based filtering

Once a user requests a product download, the product is downloaded immediately if the user is logged and authorised for the specific product download.

How do I access the Third Party Missions L-OADS online dissemination service?

You should freely subscribe to the TPM collection of your interest. Please subscribe to a TPM dataset by clicking the get data button in the dataset description pages.

If you do not have a EO-SSO account on Earth Online, you will be requested to create an account following the registration instructions.

Data are accessible through the Third Party Missions L-OADS web interface.

For any additional inquiries please contact

How do I download a product?

Please refer to the user manual.

What are the restrictions on the number of downloaded products per day?

Standard users are given a daily quota depending on the dataset.

How can I get a higher daily number of downloads?

For a quota increase, please submit a request to Once approved by ESA, you will be assigned a new daily quota satisfying your request.

What are the limits on the system performance?

The major constraint on performance is the user's own internet connection, which limits the speed that a product can be downloaded. If you are experiencing issues, try reducing the number of products ordered at one time.

What do the error messages that I see mean?

"You have not yet performed the necessary steps in order to access this data. Please follow the link reported below to start the data request process: [LINK]"

The system notes that you have not subscribed for the collection you are trying to download a product from. In order to resolve this you have to subscribe for the collection to be authorised to download a product. The [LINK] redirects you to the collection description page where you can subscribe for the collection by clicking the GET DATA button.

"You have already downloaded your granted number of products for today"

You have reached your daily limit (see above), you will need to wait until the next day.

The system is currently serving the granted requests of other users, and has reached the total number of parallel downloads

The number of concurrent users has exceeded the capacity of the system to download products. Please try resubmitting again later in the day.

Resource couldn't be accessed / Internal server error / Java exception / Operation timed out

These error messages usually mean a temporary connection error or system outage. Try resubmitting the request again after a few minutes. If it still doesn't work, please contact

Download authorisation failure

You do not have access to the collection. Please see "How do I access the TPM L-OADS online dissemination service?" section above to access the products.

There was a problem while handling your request. Please send an email to the Administrator, including the following problem code: [...]

Please contact providing your EO-SSO ID, First name, Last Name, Institution & Country of residence and problem code.

How do I get further assistance?

Please consult the user manual. If this does not answer your question, please contact

Known issue

The ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On page remains in "Please wait" state after login

When you try to download a product from the Third Party Mission Online Dissemination without being logged in to the system, it opens a new tab in your browser asking you to log in to the ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On. After log in, if you are authorised, the download starts but the ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On log in page remains in "Please wait" state and the Third Party Mission Online Dissemination system shows you as "Not signed in".

This behaviour is a known issue but has no impact on the functionality of the system. You can simply close the ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On page and the Third Party Mission Online Dissemination system will show you as "Signed in as [you]" as soon as you refresh the page or navigate to another page. ESA is obviously working to solve this issue.