Minimize How to access EO data

ESA distributes data from ESA EO Missions, ESA Campaigns, the GMES Space Component (GSC), and Third Party Missions (TPMs).

Here's an overview of the ways you can get Earth Observation data from ESA.

Access free online ESA and TPM data through 'My EarthOnline' fast registration

You can access free, online datasets easily through our fast registration interface. If you are a registered user, just log in and go to the 'My EarthOnline' area of this site. If you're not yet registered, download the Registration Help' document.

In your personal area in My EarthOnline you can select among the free datasets available online, and you can access the majority of them directly either through your web browser, or by using ftp from the command line of your computer. Access to free, online datasets is provided immediately upon registration in most cases; in 2-3 working days after registration when specific account configuration is required.

You can also navigate through the list of data products in the Data Access section of this site, and then register the products identified directly through the ‘Get Data' links provided in most product descriptions.

Access restrained ESA and TPM data sets by submitting a 'My EarthOnline' project proposal

On demand ESA products are made available for free: you must however provide a project proposal through the My EarthOnline' area in this site, to allow ESA to define a product/programming quota for the project.

If you are a registered user, just log in and go to the 'My EarthOnline area of this site. If you're not yet registered, download the Registration Help' document.

The notification of the quota is typically sent to the user after about eight weeks. Data orders for approved Category-1 projects then be submitted either on line (via the EOLI-SA catalogue browser) or by e-mail.

Access data offered within an ESA Announcement of Opportunity

ESA periodically opens specific Announcements of Opportunity (AOs), offering the possibility to conduct sciences and operational application research using various data products available following the specific rules set in the main text of the AO (normally free of charge).

You can find the current open announcements here. A project proposal is required, fitting objectives, restrictions and deadlines of the AO. The details for submitting a proposal are given in the AO text.

Access ESA's online collections through the multi-mission data catalogues

Our multi-mission data catalogues also give you access to ESA's online collections and provide an intuitive way of selecting and ordering Earth Observation products. With our catalogues you can:

  • Search and select EO data (anonymous access)
  • Submit orders (user registration required)

Orders for accepted Category-1 projects can be submitted either on line (via EOLI-SA) or by e-mail.

Access systematically available data through the online archives

The Online Archives page contains a list of links and descriptions of online archives, from where a large volume of Envisat, ERS, Proba and Kompsat data are systematically available. 

You will need a 'My EarthOnline' fast registration on this site to access the online archives.

Access ESA Campaigns Data

ESA Campaigns Data is described here, and can be accessed after submitting registration.

Additonal data access resources

In addition to the Data Access area of this site, you can find a number of resources for access to the data of specific missions. Here are a few:

  • The EOLi-SA client is the European Space Agency's client for Earth Observation Catalogue and Ordering Services. You can learn about and download EOLI
  • The CryoSat data access page - dedicated to the access of CryoSat data
  • The GOCE data access page – dedicated to GOCE data access
  • The SMOS data access page – dedicated to SMOS data access
  • The Envisat Data access document (PDF – 4.32 MB) – focuses on the data dissemination methods and the different ways for the users to access the Envisat data. Also includes a brief presentation of the Envisat mission, the instruments, the Ground Segment and the mission planning constraints
  • Specific information regarding the access to TPM mission data is available from the PI community TPM page

For more information on how to order EO data please contact the Earth Observation Helpdesk Team.