Minimize How to access Copernicus Data

Users requiring access to data products from the Copernicus Space Component can utilise the Copernicus Space Component Data Access (CSCDA) system. The system's overall space capacity relies on several Earth Observation missions contributing to Copernicus, with new missions becoming available over time and others ending or being replaced.

The Copernicus Space Component Data Access (CSCDA) provides comprehensive and coordinated access to all Copernicus space data, allowing the capacity:

  • To combine the different EO data providers and the various Copernicus Service Providers using coordinating functions;
  • To create synergy and sustainability across the various contributing missions;
  • To facilitate data access for Copernicus Services and aim at long-term data reliability beyond single missions.

The CSCDA data and services are accessible in the form of DataSets, which are pre-defined collections of coherent mono- and multi-mission products. The complete list of available DataSets is described in the Data Offer web pageThese DataSets have been derived from the requirements of the Copernicus Service Providers, following trade-off with the overall system capacity. It is based on agreements with 11 Contributing Mission Entities (GCMEs). The document describes also the data access conditions (i.e. data licensing, ordering mechanisms, product types available, delivery timelines, data access mechanisms).

The CSC Data Access project is managed by the European Space Agency as an integral part of the Copernicus Space Component Programme.

For an overview of useful information on how GSPs can access data and services please visit the How to Access CSC Data page.