Minimize How to Obtain (A)SAR OTF Data

A)SAR On The Fly data products are freely available to ESA registered users via the ESA Online Dissemination Service.

Users can search and browse all products openly, but a registration on the ESA EO Data Portal is required to download the data.

In order to register and to be granted access to the available products, users are required to follow the steps below:

  • Create an EO-SSO account following the instructions (for users who have not registered already).
  • Apply for (A)SAR OTF Data
  • Level 1


Users can access (A)SAR OTF Standard Service (Level 1 data products) by submitting a Fast Registration.
Access will be automatically enabled at registration submission. Users will receive an email containing access details.

  • Level 0


Users can access (A)SAR OTF Level 0 data products by submitting a Data Service Request justifying and describing the data needs.
Please note that access to Level 0 Data is not part of the standard OTF Service and it will be granted in exceptional cases. Requests will be evaluated and feedback will be provided usually within 2 weeks.

For any additional inquiries, please refer to the (A)SAR OTF FAQ page, user manual or contact EOHelp