Minimize Specific Instrument Processing

Data processing is performed in four different ways:

  • Systematically: When data are systematically acquired, generated and disseminated.
  • On demand: When data are generated only if there is a specific request from the user.
  • Near Real Time: When data are processed three hours from their acquisition for Low Bit Rate data and one day for High Bit Rate data.
  • Off-line: When data are processed few weeks after acquisition.

Further processing is applied to obtain Unconsolidated and Consolidated data. Unconsolidated data are commonly used for instrument performance monitoring. Consolidated data are produced using the most precise auxiliary information available and generated off-line. Consolidated data are time-ordered, fully validated and show no overlap or data gaps.

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Minimize Envisat

Envisat data processing to Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2 is performed in different ways:


Systematic and 'user on-demand' processing

Products are generated either systematically or only when there is a specific request from a user. The products ASAR GM and WV modes are generated systematically as well as the ASAR HR Medium Resolution products while the ASAR HR High Resolution products are only processed on request.



Product Type

NRT Processing at Acquisition Station


ASAR HR Medium Resolution (APM, IMM, WSM)

ASAR LR Level 1 and 2 (ASA_GM1_1P, ASA_WVS_1P, ASA_WVW_2P)

Systematic (i.e. processing of all data)

Product usually available 3 hours after acquisition

ASAR HR Level 0 and 1 (All but the Medium Resolution)


On-request (i.e. on user demand)

Note: NRT service is available for a limited number of products, following agreement by Mission Manager and preliminary arrangement with eohelp

Near Real Time (NRT) and off-line processing

Products are generated either in Near Real Time at the acquisition facilities (typically 3 hours from data acquisition for Low Bit Rate data and one day for High Bit Rate data) or off-line at the Processing and Archiving Centers (PACs) a few weeks after acquisition. Off-line products have the same format and content than NRT products, but benefit from a posteriori knowledge of calibration, auxiliary data and precise orbit. They are called consolidated products.


NRT processing at Acquisition Facility

Off-line processing at PAC





(limited service)





Data reprocessing

Data reprocessing (i.e. Level 1 and Level 2) is a regular activity as a consequence of the improvement of the processing algorithms.

Minimize ERS

SAR data are processed and archived by several European Processing and Archiving Facilities (PAFs):

  • SAR Precision and Geocoded data by D-PAF Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
  • SAR Regional data by I-PAF Matera, Italy
  • SAR Image Mode data by UK-PAF Guildford, UK.