Minimize Specific Instrument Delivery

Data are delivered in different ways:

  • On media (CD ROM , DVD, DAT Tapes 4mm & 8mm)
  • Via Internet (FTP, RA, EWFS)
  • Via Satellite (DDS)

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Minimize Envisat

Order ASAR Future Acquisitions

Ordering for future acquisitions is only needed for ASAR HR modes (ASAR IM, ASAR AP, ASAR WS) and it is only allowed from users who have a Project with a quota allocated for future acquisitions. Ordering shall be done using EOLI-SA.

The order shall include the instrument settings required (mode, polarisation, swath), the start/stop time of the acquisition required to cover the area of interest and the final product type.

Delivery of ASAR HR Products

The delivery option is specified at the time of ordering, using EOLI-SA. A media can be selected in the Order Options while, if previously agreed, the internet delivery option (Rolling Archive, EWFS, FTP on-request) can be specified in the User Remark Field of the Product Ordering form.

The ASAR products are available in the following ways:

  • On media (CD-Rom or DVD-Rom, depending on the product size - one or more products per media)

This is applicable to all product types (and it is the only possibility for ASA_WSS_1P and all level 0 products), archived products or future acquisitions.

In case of urgency, the product is generated as soon as possible following the acquisition at the station.

  • via Internet: Whenever the order includes an acquisition request, the corresponding product can be made available in the on-line archive of the acquisition station.

In this way, all ASAR Level 1 products, generated systematically or on-request, are available at the stations where the data have been acquired for a period of 7 days from generation time,

  • in the 'ASAR systematic' directory of the Rolling Archive or via the EWFS, when the product is generated systematically. This is the case of the Medium Resolution products ASA_WSM_1P, ASA_IMM_1P and ASA_APM_1P.

Therefore, only a planning request is needed from the user;

  • in the 'ASAR on request' directory of the Rolling Archive or via the EWFS, when the product is generated following a user request.

This is the case of the Full Resolution Level 1 products:


In nominal situation, the product is available within the same day of the acquisition in a order-specific account, following a-priori agreement for the smallest level 1 products as:


This is the FTP on-request service for which the user receives notification of the products availability and location in an E-mail. The product is generated as soon as possible after acquisition, depending on processing load at the center.

If the request is instead for an archived product,

  • within 4 weeks after acquisition date, the product can be made available on the Rolling Archive, in the 'on request' directory of ASAR products.

If the product is older than 4 weeks, it will be requested at a PAC and be made available

  • on media for all product types
  • or, if approved, via the FTP on-request service (notification received by E-mail) for the smallest level 1 products as: ASA_IMP_1P, ASA_IMG_1P and ASA_APP_1P ASA_WSM_1P, ASA_IMM_1P and ASA_APM_1P

Access to ASAR LR products

The ASAR LR products can be received:

  • on-request, by placing an order for a few archived products, using EOLI-SA for ASA_GM1_1P products or sending an E-mail to the Earth Observation Help Desk Team for ASA_WVI_1P products.

The E-mail shall include:

  • The user project code ID
  • The product type requested, the time period, the area of interest
  • The preferred delivery support medium, if applicable
  • Products are in this case delivered on media (CD-Rom or DVD-Rom, depending on the size of the order)

  • systematically, as a user of an on-line dissemination

Access information shall be requested to the Earth Observation Help Desk Team, specifying your user project code ID. Access will be provided to the stations FTP servers, RA or EWFS, depending on the product type:

  • Stations FTP servers (7 days retention time) They host 7 days of Wave Mode Meteo products: ASA_WVS_1P and ASA_WVW_2P both in Envisat and BUFR formats as well as the complete production of Global Monitoring Mode (GMM): ASA_GM1_1P.
  • RA or EWFS (7 days retention time) The ASAR Global Monitoring Mode (GMM) products: ASA_GM1_1P are visible via the Rolling Archive (in the ASAR GM1 systematic folder) and the EWFS
  • Systematically, on DVD The NRT ASA_WVI_1P can be delivered systematically, using a subscription on DVD, for all future acquisitions or a period of time in the future (from PAC, with a few weeks delay)

The registration request shall be sent to the Earth Observation Help Desk Team following Project acceptance. The user is then inserted in the distribution list for systematic media delivery.

Note: Reprocessed dataset: The complete archive of ASA_WVI_1P products will be reprocessed starting in April 2006 and the ASA_WVS__1P and ASA_WVW_2P dataset will be made available to the users later in the year, on a FTP server at the processing center. Information on how to access these data can be requested to the Earth Observation Help Desk Team.

Minimize ERS

The data products are delivered:

  • Via standard land lines: when low-rate fast-delivery products (LBRFDP) are generated by the ESA ground stations and re-distributed to nationally nominated user centres
  • Via the Broadband Data Dissemination Network (BDDN): when high rate FD products (HBRFDP) from Fucino, Kiruna and possibly Maspalomas ground stations are transmitted to nominated receiving stations by means of a satellite telecommunication channel. The Gatineau ground station receives data through the dedicated line between the EECF and Canada. The EECF is connected with the other ESA Ground Stations and appropriate user centres via low speed land lines or equipment connections