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Please note that the Envisat mission ended on 08 April 2012, following the unexpected loss of contact with the satellite. (See related news from 09 May 2012)

The ERS-1 mission ended on 10 March 2000 and ERS-2 was retired on 05 September 2011

The details below are presented for historical and technical purposes, for the information of data users. 

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Data are acquired worldwide and down linked to the ESA acquisition stations. For ENVISAT this process is also supported via Artemis, the ESA Satellite-to-Satellite Telecommunication Satellite.

The most important ESA acquisition stations are located at ESRIN (Italy) and at Kiruna (Sweden). Acquisitions of Regional Mission Data are operated by other stations (ex. Matera, Italy) or by non-ESA acquisition centres.

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Envisat data can be acquired worldwide and downlinked to ESA acquisition stations. This worldwide capability is possible through the use of Artemis, the ESA Data Relay Satellite, and of the on-board recorders.

The main ESA acquisition stations are located at ESRIN (Italy), for data transmitted via Artemis and at Kiruna (Sweden).

In addition, Regional Mission data for ASAR HR modes is acquired in Matera (Italy) and in several acquisition stations not operated by ESA.

Acquisition constraint: ASAR HR and MERIS FR can only be recorded simultaneously within European stations masks and Artemis coverage.

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Real-time data are acquired when the satellite is visible from a ground station. The SAR data are transmitted at a rate of 105 Mbit/sec on a carrier at 8140 MHz and the LBR data at a rate of 1093 Kbit/sec (after spectrum spreading) on a carrier at 8040 MHz.

LBR data are acquired from the on-board tape recorder. The data are played back at a rate of 15 Mbit/sec and transmitted to the ground at 8040 MHz.