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ERS-2 data used in El Nino animation

03 April 2003

A vivid animation based on data from ESA's ERS-2 satellite shows the onset of the recent El Niño phenomena from July to December of last year.

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POLinSAR: Advances in radar remote sensing

03 April 2003

An advanced technique for analysing radar images shows tremendous promise for scientists studying forests, agriculture, ice and other terrain types, but experts at a recent ESA workshop cautioned ...

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The power of two: Envisat demonstrates combined imagery from dual sensors

03 April 2003

The simultaneous observation of the Italian coast by two instruments onboard the European Space Agency's Envisat satellite provides a striking illustration of the unique potential of combining ...

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MSG-1 first image unveiled

11 December 2002

This dramatic image of the Earth is the first from the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG-1) satellite, launched 28 August.

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Envisat's ASAR reveals extent of massive oil spill off Spanish coast

20 November 2002

Oil from the wrecked tanker off the northwest coast of Spain had already reached the Spanish coast when ESA's Envisat satellite acquired this radar image of the oil slick, stretching more than 150 ...

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Sulphur dioxide levels fall sharply near Etna

19 November 2002

Levels of sulphur dioxide around Mount Etna have dropped three to four times since the volcano's initial eruption, according to an analysis of ESA satellite data.

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Envisat's MERIS captures phytoplankton bloom

13 November 2002

From 800 km in space, you would have to squint really hard to see one of these 'a micron-sized phytoplankton and its armoured shell. But when a lot of them get together, say, a few trillion or so'

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Nature highlights use of space imagery to study Indonesian fires

06 November 2002

Writing in tomorrow's issue of Nature magazine, European and Indonesian scientists detail their use of ESA and NASA satellite imagery to measure huge amounts of carbon dioxide released into the ...

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Three ESA satellites reveal Etna's complexity

30 October 2002

The recent eruptions of the Mount Etna volcano in Sicily are throwing huge amounts of ash and trace gases into the atmosphere. Instruments on three different ESA spacecraft have acquired imagery of...

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Giants joust in the cold

21 October 2002

A new giant was born recently in the coastal waters of Antarctica. A series of images captured from May through the beginning of this month by ESA's Envisat satellite shows the subsequent duel ...

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