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Near-real time ozone forecasting made possible by Envisat

31 October 2003

Stratospheric data supplied by Envisat are the basis for a near-real time global ozone forecasting service now available online.

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Big melt warning for Arctic on Nature

30 October 2003

The ice covering the Arctic ocean is getting thinner as summers lengthen, say British scientists. ...

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Envisat observes resurgent ozone hole

27 September 2003

The latest ESA Earth Observation data show that reports of the demise of the ozone hole appearing annually above Antarctica have been greatly exaggerated.

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Mediterranean hot flush detected after scorching summer

24 September 2003

Our record-breaking long hot summer heated Europe's seas as well as the land. Results returned from ESA's Envisat environmental satellite show Mediterranean waters off Crete around three degrees ...

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Burning oil cloud above northern Iraq

12 September 2003

A burning oil pipeline in northern Iraq produced an immense cloud of black smoke stretching across thousands of square kilometres, as seen by Envisat’s Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer.

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Envisat focuses on carbon-rich peat swamp forest fires

06 September 2003

Multiple sensors on ESA’s Envisat environmental satellite have been used to peer beneath a vast pall of smoke above tropical Borneo and detect fire hotspots – known to add millions of ...

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SUN Microsystems promotes BEAM - Java Advanced Imaging API In Action

04 September 2003

SUN Microsystems has included BEAM development in the category "Java Advanced Imaging API Customer Success Stories". ...

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