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EarthCARE satellite contract signed

27 May 2008

The European Space Agency and Astrium GmbH have today signed a contract worth €263 million to provide the EarthCARE satellite, the sixth Earth Explorer mission of ESA’s Living Planet ...

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September launch for ESA's gravity mission GOCE

27 May 2008

A new launch date has been set for GOCE. The change of date is due to precautionary measures taken after the malfunction of an upper-stage section of a Russian Proton launcher. Now confirmed not to...

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Arctic explorer delivers unique snow-depth data for CryoSat

23 May 2008

A 106-day trek across the Arctic -relying on Envisat images to guide through disintegrating sea-ice- allowed to collect a unique set of snow-depth measurements.

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Scientists endure Arctic for last campaign prior to CryoSat-2 launch

20 May 2008

An international group of scientists has swapped their comfortable offices for one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet to carry out a challenging field campaign that is seen as key ...

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GlobColour: ESA contributes to ocean carbon cycle research

05 May 2008

To support ocean carbon cycle research, ESA’s GlobColour project has merged 55 terabytes of data from three state-of-the-art instruments aboard different satellites, including MERIS aboard ...

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Successful cooperation extends Dragon Programme

24 April 2008

Following the success of the Dragon Programme, more than 300 leading European and Chinese scientists have gathered from 21 to 25 April 2008 in Beijing in the People’s Republic of China to ...

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Sentinel 2: contract signed

17 April 2008

The European Space Agency and Astrium signed a €195 million contract to provide the first Sentinel-2 earth observation satellite, devoted to monitoring the land environment, as part of the ...

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Sentinel 3: contract signed

14 April 2008

The European Space Agency and Thales Alenia Space signed a €305 million contract to provide the first Sentinel-3 earth observation satellite, devoted to oceanography and land-vegetation ...

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3 April: GOCE Media day

20 March 2008

On Thursday 3 April media representatives will have the opportunity to attend an in-depth GOCE background briefing at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, ...

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Envisat makes first ever observation of regionally elevated CO2 from manmade emissions

18 March 2008

Using data from the SCIAMACHY instrument aboard ESA's Envisat environmental satellite, scientists have for the first time detected regionally elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide – the most ...

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