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More Third Party Missions data to Category 1 PIs

04 October 2006

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Further to the opening of the opportunity to get SPOT data (see here), ESA can offer to Cat-1 PIs today also access to the data from ALOS, NOAA and Aqua/Terra MODIS.

Access to ALOS data will be on-demand, by specific requests from Cat-1 projects residing in the ADEN Zone, for acquisition and processing of worldwide data. Products will start to be delivered after the end of the ALOS Commissioning Phase (planned for November 2006).

From the NOAA satellites, ESA acquires systematically all NOAA AVHRR data over the European coverage since many years. A large archive with data reaching back as far as 1984 is available for Cat-1 users today.

For data from the MODIS instrument onboard Acqua/Terra, ESA offers newly a Near-Real-Time service to an online rolling archive, covering acquisitions over Europe within the last 7 days. This service offers access to data 3 hours after sensing.

Visit our Third Party Missions page to find out everything about this opportunity.