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GMES data quality requirements

26 June 2006

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The National Physical Laboratory, the UK national standards laboratory is leading a study on behalf of ESA to identify and prioritise the requirements for improved data quality to satisfy the current and future needs of the European Earth Observation community, in the GMES context.

As part of this study a short web based survey is being carried out to collect views from the EO community regarding the need for any improvement to data product quality not only in terms of its inherent property but also in how this is ascribed to a delivered product.

Although for some applications it will be essential that there is some form of “certification” of data product quality, it is critical that any new system must be “fit for purpose” and not add time, cost or complexity unless clear benefits are identified.

In order to consult as widely as possible all stakeholders within the EO community are encouraged to make their voice heard through the completion of a short web survey