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ESA’s ɸ-week 2019 opens with a flourish

09 September 2019

Following the success of last year's ɸ-week, this year's event promises to be even more exciting. With the conference room packed to the gunwales, ɸ-week 2019 kicked off this afternoon at ESA's centre of Earth observation in Italy with a series of stimulating talks, lively debate and an announcement of a new initiative.

In essence, ESA's concept of ɸ (pronounced ‘fee') encapsulates innovation, new technology and cross-disciplinary cooperation to explore how satellite data coupled with digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, can bring benefits to business, industry and science – and also how this marriage can help to develop new Earth observation-based products and services.

Today, there are numerous satellites and sensors delivering a huge wealth of data, not only to understand how our planet works, but also for use in a myriad of practical applications, from farming and water management to maritime safety, all of which, ultimately, improve daily lives.

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