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ESA NRSCC Dragon Cooperation Programme

11 July 2006

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Some 200 scientists have gathered in Lijiang city in the Yunnan Province of the People’s Republic of China to attend the 3rd annual five-day Dragon Symposium.
The Dragon Symposium brought together the joint Sino-European teams reporting their activities using ESA EO data for science and applications development in PR China.

Presentations from the joint Sino-European teams included details of research being done into the use of ESA’s Envisat and ERS satellite sensors for science and applications development in PR China. Supporting in-situ data measurements required to validate the satellite results were detailed and reports were presented on joint field campaigns undertaken by the project teams in 2005/2006. All the presentations from the 2006 Lijiang Symposium will be available shortly from the Dragon web site

There are currently 16 Dragon projects including agricultural and forest monitoring, water resource assessment, atmospheric chemistry, terrain measurement, desertification, the ocean environment and climate change. The joint Sino-European teams are led by Chinese and European lead investigators.

The overall programme results and achievements are presented in the Dragon Programme annual brochure 2006, that will be soon available here.

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