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02 June 2003

Web Content Image The MERIS mosaic of Europe is a composite of 85 reduced and full resolution images acquired by MERIS during the summer of 2002, and represents the arithmetic averaged reflectance of Europes land surface. The combination of the three spectral bands of the image product, centred at 665, 560 and 442.5 nm respectively, generates an optical image in which it is possible to appreciate the differences in land cover. This Level 3 products represents a test of the algorithms implemented in BEAM software, the MERIS/AATSR toolbox, and available to ESA PIs.

This image represents a Europes mosaic of the retrieved surface reflectances, after the atmospheric correction performed by the SMAC processor, a Simplified Method for Atmospheric Correction (SMAC) developed by Rahman and Dedieu (1994).

This Level 3 product constitutes an example of results that can be generated with the tools put at the disposal of ESA scientific investigators.

This work was performed by Ana Silió Calzada under the ESA training program (N.O.W), with the objective of exploring the generation of MERIS Level 3 products. These statistical products allow a better understanding of the global processes (i.e. desertification, etc) subject of a wide range of scientific studies related to the evolution of our planet.

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